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Arts & Crafts typically involve skillfully making things with your hands. The list of arts and crafts hobbies out there is virtually endless. When working on crafts, you'll need a certain set of skills and patience.


Arts and crafts provide fun and entertainment, especially for children around holidays and during the summer. Arts and crafts have been a part of nearly every culture since early civilizations.


Some of the many popular textile crafts include canvas work, embroidery, calligraphy, sewing, weaving, quilting, lace-making, crocheting, and knitting. There are also crafts involving clay, wood, or metal, such as jewelry, cabinet making, sculpture, and pottery.


Many other types of crafts include glassblowing, doll making, balloon animals, toy making, and stained glass. There have been many arts and crafts which have become popular for centuries while some others only remain popular for short periods of time. At FireHow, you'll find tons of how to articles related to all different varieties of arts and crafts.


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