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How to Prove that Climate Change and Global Warming are Frauds and Hoaxes

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Intro:  There is a reason why Global Warming has morphed into Climate Change.  The reason is to hide the fact that there has been no global warming since 1988.

Step 1:  Review the science.

Science Daily reports that there has been no net increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the past 160 years.  What this means is that nothing that man does has added CO2 to atmosphere.

Given that this is peer reviewed science and the fact that it refutes the principle assertion that Climate Change enthusiasts must have, it will be interesting and inevitable to watch them change the goal posts—again.

When they do change it will be proof that it was never about the science for them but rather about a certain economic and political results.

There are at least 100 reasons why you should believe that Climate Change is not man made.

Water vapor is the most abundant and most powerful greenhouse gas.  Why don’t they try to tax that?

Great Britain facing one of the coldest winters in 100 years.

Antarctic sea ice is growing

Polar bear numbers are increasing

No Global Warming since 1998.  Why do you think they switched from Global Warming to Climate Change?

Step 2:  Review the fraud.

Russians confirm that UK manipulated Climategate data

The worst scientific scandal of our generation

Falsifying the record

Step 3:  Consider India and China.

Think back to the Olympics in China.  One of the things they had to do to hold the Olympics without choking the athletes was to turn off some of China’s factories.    China and India are, in parts of their respective nations, at the same point in the Industrial revolution the US and Europe were a hundred years ago.

China and India  are in the dusty, smelly, dirty part where coal dust coats the earth and people’s lungs.  Taken together China and India have over 2 billion people.  Their environmental laws are not as strict as those of western nations and yet they are actively trying to give 2 billion people a Western standard of living.

This is one of the fundamental areas that makes all talk of what the United States and western countries can do about man-made climate change—if it even existed—unintelligent and dishonest.  Even if you shut down the west and we all sat around waiting to starve or freeze to death, the amount of man made CO2 would continue to increase.

China and India burn that much coal and oil.   So any agreement to do anything about man-made CO2 is dishonest and unintelligent unless China and India are the very first ones on board.  Recycling may make you feel good, it may even slow the rate of growth of the landfills in your particular town but it has no appreciable effect on the levels of man-made CO2.

This is one of the chief ways to discover for yourself that the global warming and climate change advocates are best intellectually dishonest.  If they believed what they actually say, they would resolve to never speak English again.  All of the people who really need convincing speak either Mandarin or Hindi.

Step 4: Consider the ideal solution.

Let us suppose that you really believed in global warming and climate change and you wanted to wean the United States and Western Europe off of fossil fuels.  It turns out that doing so is quite straight forward, would produce a lot of jobs and would not destroy western economies.  Build enough solar power panels and cover all the unused land in the United States and Europe with those power panels.

In addition, build power lines to get the power out to where it’s needed.  It has been estimated that if you covered Spain with solar panels you could power the earth.  If there is not enough unused land then build large cheap floating barges and put the rest of the solar power panels there.  Wherever transmission lines prove not to be feasible, turn the electricity into hydrogen via electrolysis of sea water and move the hydrogen around.  As a bonus, you get all the fresh water you want since the by product of burnt hydrogen is water.

This whole project would require decades and trillions of dollars but when you are done the energy produced would be virtually free since all you need is sunshine to get it.  There are those who say that what stopped the great depression was World War II.  Imagine if we had huge, costly human enterprise that built rather than destroyed.  Call the Great Solar Transformation World War III if it makes you feel better but do it and get the world out of the current recession.

One of the benefits that would come from such a project is that as the decades pass all the additional money being spent on this one area would result in breakthroughs that would make the solar panels more efficient and cheaper to produce.  There would also be advances in storing and transporting power.  Maybe we would even perfect that microwave beaming of power from space that some solar energy advocates want us to do.

Step 5:   Consider the solution that is actually proposed.

Given that President Obama and the congress don’t seem to mind printing trillions of dollars and giving to ACORN so they can figure out how to bring underage prostitutes into the country, you think they could scrounge up a few bucks to back a scheme to power the planet off the sun.  Moreover, given the fact that unemployment is over 10% and that they claim to take Global Warming and Climate change seriously you would think they would jump at the chance to blanket our deserts with solar power panels.  So why aren’t they doing it?  One big reason is timing.

The true purpose of stimulus dollars is to reward contributors and supporters and to buy votes.  Most of the stimulus money that has been spent has rewarded contributors and supporters like ACORN and SEIU. The remainder will be used to buy votes for the 2010 election.  They will use your tax money to buy your votes.

Another bigger reason why the solar power bonanza has not hit is that the government has been taken over by Socialists.  You might ask, if that is true, what does that have to do with switching from a fossil fuel economy to a solar power/hydrogen economy.    Socialists have never really wanted to save the planet or stop some imaginary planetary catastrophe.  What they want to get control over all money and power and to force you to live as they desire.  The proof of this is obvious.

Firstly,  almost all of their energies are spent on health care reform which will give them control over one sixth of economy and all of our lives.  Moreover, on those rare occasions when they do address environmental concerns, all of their proposed solutions will change how you live and will result in your living a lesser life style.

It is not Global Warming and Climate change that drive the left.  Rather it is fact that they find capitalism and the materialistic lifestyle of the west repugnant.  This is why all their energies are focus on things like controlling your thermostat and almost none of their energies are focused on maintaining our standard of living with a different power source.  It’s you they don’t like—do you remember the recordings of Reverend Wright cursing America?

They could live with the fossil fuels as long as they get to boss you around.  The proof of this statement lies before you.   The logical effect of the liberal solution to the imaginary problem of climate change is Cap and Trade.  President Obama himself is on record as saying that the purpose of Cap and Trade is make energy costs sky rocket.  If it costs more for you to maintain your present life style, you will go to a lower standard of living.  You will drive less and use less energy.  They hate they way you live now.  You use more energy than beggars in India so you are wrong and you must be forced to live a lifestyle closer to the beggars in the streets of Calcutta.  It’s fairer.

Obama has surrounded himself with admitted communists and people who admire Chairman Mao.  Given the number of businesses the government has taken over or is trying to control it is obvious that the Obama administration is using Climate Change and any other tool to destroy capitalism and institute socialism.  What is ironic is that the only thing that is keeping the United States afloat at present is the money we borrow from China.

Although the politics of China are communist, they get all the money they are loaning us from the capitalism they allow the people of China to undertake.   If Obama and the people he surrounds himself with were half as smart as they think they are they would put the brakes on their efforts deliberately destroying the only economic system that is keeping our heads about water.

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I could stand a little global warming; it's cold outside.
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