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01/18/14 08:39:25How to Ease Arthritis in Hands by Crocheting151 / 1
12/08/13 05:50:06How to Protect Your Dog’s Feet in Winter Weather117 / 1
03/19/12 09:59:22How to Choose a Lawn Mower to Accommodate Health Issues301 / 1
03/15/12 07:35:39How to Trim a Rose of Sharon Bush748 / 1
03/15/12 03:57:19How to Ease Into Spring Yard Work360 / 1
03/06/12 06:47:58How to Get Your Articles Read134 / 1
03/06/12 03:43:18How to Get Article Ideas168 / 1
03/06/12 03:33:07How to Build an Article Photo File166 / 1
02/12/12 10:56:35How to Find a Compatible Date216 / 1
01/12/12 08:10:44How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When you are Widowed285 / 1
01/09/12 08:36:18How to Make Simple Placemats543 / 2
01/09/12 04:46:51How to Easily Bathe a Small Dog166 / 1
01/07/12 06:14:56How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy During Winter236 / 1
01/01/12 10:11:19How to Learn to Read a Crochet Pattern224 / 2
12/18/11 06:01:34How to Think of Yourself as Independent Instead of Being Alone161 / 3
11/16/11 12:50:24How to Clean and Organize a Porcelain Doll Collection572 / 1
09/22/11 07:16:32How to Cope with Facebook Upgrades181 / 3
02/06/11 07:38:22How to Help Animal Rescuers by Using Facebook189 / 1
08/27/10 08:01:51How to De-Clutter Your Home for an Open House179 / 3
07/30/10 07:44:30How to Keep Your Cell Phone Germ Free625 / 5
07/15/10 12:23:47How to Behave at the Vet’s Office (People and Pets)1285 / 6
07/04/10 06:28:58How to Stay Awake Naturally151 / 3
07/04/10 06:24:38How to Clean and Freshen a Dishwasher385 / 3
06/15/10 07:05:43How to Make Creamy Ranch Potato Salad636 / 2
06/14/10 09:24:14How to Design a Storm Closet845 / 3
06/02/10 14:26:52How to Save Money by Rolling Your Own Cigarettes211 / 1
05/08/10 17:33:53How to Save Money by Using Reward Cards646 / 4
04/26/10 09:05:54How to Deep Fry Brussel Sprouts2245 / 6
03/25/10 17:17:59How to Change a Storm Door Handle941 / 3
02/18/10 11:42:49How to Design a Peaceful Outdoor Area404 / 8
02/08/10 15:05:13How to Plan a Naturally Green St. Patrick’s Day Meal227 / 2
02/07/10 12:37:33How to Pack for a Motorcycle Trip: A Guide for Women485 / 2
02/02/10 14:06:21How to Season Cast Iron Cookware199 / 2
02/02/10 14:02:25How to Clean Old Cast Iron Cookware970 / 2
01/27/10 12:13:28How to Make Brown Gravy with a Pot Roast2114 / 3
01/25/10 17:42:41How to Choose Tools for Women236 / 3
01/12/10 13:28:02How to Hunt Trolls3123 / 6
01/12/10 12:17:20How to Fight Winter Viruses711 / 7
01/09/10 12:48:16How to Make Fried Potato Cakes6189 / 5
01/09/10 11:48:23How to Make Chili Potato Casserole920 / 4
12/30/09 08:38:27How to Improve Your Childs Vocabulary by Playing Games219 / 3
12/25/09 18:09:34How to Be a Responsible New Year’s Eve Host478 / 3
12/25/09 08:06:55How to Be a Professional Writer240 / 5
12/19/09 16:39:03How to Keep Your Mind Active663 / 1
12/12/09 09:55:30How to Save Money Using Products That Multi Task230 / 3
12/09/09 10:30:49How to Decorate a Buffet Table for Any Holiday!10337 / 8
12/04/09 15:50:02How to Be a Great Host Through the Holidays415 / 4
12/02/09 09:13:12How to Make a Yule Log Centerpiece1803 / 2
12/02/09 06:03:20How to Make and Keep New Year’s Resolutions325 / 2
11/15/09 10:20:59How to Have a Healthy Pet (Dogs and Cats)238 / 1
11/04/09 09:12:49How to Spread Your Eggs (Articles) into Several Baskets (Sites)296 / 2
10/08/09 10:28:34How to “Go Green” While Wrapping Christmas Presents751 / 6
10/08/09 10:23:25How to Stuff Baby’s First Christmas Stocking1486 / 3
09/27/09 13:09:18How to Introduce Spices to Baby’s Diet343 / 2
09/20/09 07:15:33How to Kick Bad Habits2922 / 3
09/13/09 10:46:48How to Make Zesty Italian Tomatoes261 / 2
09/12/09 07:27:20How to Make Luminaries Out of Tin Cans924 / 2
09/10/09 15:19:41How to Make Garlic Bread Using Hot Dog Buns5252 / 4
09/08/09 16:19:19How to Host a Halloween “Lock Down” Party451 / 4
08/27/09 16:21:24How to Make a “No Sew” Soft and Cuddly Throw Pillow1314 / 4
08/19/09 09:59:42How to Check for Head Lice926 / 2
08/15/09 12:20:00How to Make Pumpkin People4143 / 8
08/13/09 13:10:21How to Grow a Sweet Potato Climbing Vine1064 / 3
08/13/09 07:15:29How to Use Powdered Milk to Stretch Your Food Dollars657 / 3
08/13/09 06:23:51How to Save on Your Propane Heating Bill1986 / 4
08/09/09 14:15:02How to Do a Simple Shih Tzu Top Knot1192 / 3
08/09/09 13:46:56How to Keep a Shih Tzu's Ears Healthy6143 / 3
08/04/09 11:38:44How to Stop Your Bathroom Mirror from Fogging Up8980 / 9
08/01/09 10:40:28How to Choose the Right Vet363 / 3
07/21/09 18:29:53How to Build a Memorial Garden2284 / 7

Additional Information

CSI - all of them!
Ghost, Cold Mountain, Coyote Ugly
Country - is there any other kind?
Anything by Stephen King

About Me

I have been a writer since Highschool. My teacher used to use the papers I wrote as an example "How To" It was all very embarrassing back then, but now I have grown to appreciate her for doing it. She often told me she would one day see my name in print. I hope she has.

I used to write for newspapers and even did a stint as an associated editor/writer/photographer for a well known women's motorcycle magazine. Health issues has caused me to give that up and I have turned to the web as a way to continue my writing career.

I write for several different sites, and plan to have many articles on this one as well. I hope you enjoy my articles and will return often to check in and say hello!

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