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How to Weave a Blanket of Light on a Rainbow Loom

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Written by Poetryman69   

Intro:  How to Weave a Blanket of Light on a Rainbow Loom.

Step 1:  You can start by weaving a Rubber Rainbow on a friendship loom.  There is a device called a Rainbow Loom which you can use to create friendship bracelets out of rubber bands.  If you fancy a blanket composed entirely of rubber bands you could knit your love offering in that fashion.

Step 2:  There is the more traditional friendship bracelet which is woven of rainbow cloth.  Sometimes a ceremonial tying of the friendship cloth is involved.  You could weave a blanket composed entirely of cloth friendship bracelets.  It would be very bright colored.

Step 3:  There are Rainbow Angels.  Rainbow Falls.  Rainbow Jumpers and Rainbow Thumpers.

Step 4:  There is the Book of Rainbow.

Step 5:  The is the pot of rainbows at the end of the gold.

Step 6:  Rainbow flames dance in the fire of rainbow fountains.

Step 7:  They say that unicorns bleed rainbow blood.  Some say that drunken unicorns barf rainbows.  The flatulence of unicorns is said to be rainbow hued.  Unicorn piss makes rainbows as it flies. Unicorn poop is rainbow colored and edible.  It tastes like cookies.

Step 8:  A leprachuan might gag on so many rainbows and vomit a stream of beer soaked rainbows in your general direction.

Step 9:  A colorful king reigns rainbows throughout his reign.  And it rained rainbows every day of every year.

10:  There are rainbow fruits and rainbow vegetables to be supped upon. And rainbow candies to be sucked upon.  There is  rainbow raiment to wear.  And rainbow rings for your fingers and rainbow socks for your toes.



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