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How Much Worse The Government's Conspiracies Are Than You Think
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Written by Michael Skinner   

Intro:  It is always entertaining to listen to the obsessive conspiracy theorist.  I say listen to one because you cannot talk to them.  You will never get a word in edgewise.  If you are merely a passive listener on the periphery then you are free to leave the moment you get bored.  Moreover, you do not need to ever suffer their personal remarks when you disagree with some foolish silliness they take on faith.


Step 1:  The principle conspiracy theorists of modern times are the 911 Truthers.  The true believer thinks that George Bush attacked the United States on September 11 2001 by placing bombs in buildings.

Step 2:  Further back are the folks who believe that the government had President Kennedy killed.

Step 3:  I don’t argue against or even believe against any particular conspiracy theory.  What amuses me is that the true believers often appear to think that a small cadre of truly, intelligent and tuned in folks have uncovered the diabolical plot of evil government agencies to commit treason on a grand scale.  You people are truly deluded.

Step 4:  If I were the government and I wasted time with putting together and hiding conspiracy theories, the very first thing I would do is put out truly idiotic, insane, implausible and downright foolish conspiracy theories.   Then I would make absolutely 100% certain that that the gullible, foolish, suspicious, angry, frustrated, immature, and childish people of the world stumbled upon my totally made up conspiracies.  Now when my useful idiots spout these completely bogus conspiracies every intelligent person they talk too is certain that the conspiracy nut is either stupid or insane.  In the meantime, as the government I carry out bolder, more extravagant and even deeper conspiracies, secure in the knowledge that they will never be discovered because all the bread crumbs I deign to leave always point back to the bogus conspiracy theories.

Step 5:  But wait, there’s more.  Now the government creates internet groups full of racists, Nazis, Ku Klux Klansmen, racial supremacists and any other Hitlerite idiot they find crawling under some rock.  The feds seed each of these groups they created with their plant people who always hate the loudest and always try to get everyone else in the group to commit violent action against the government.  Once any idiot or group of idiots bite on this totally made up government nonsense they are suddenly discovered to be a domestic terror cell by the FBI.  The feds make sure that the only people who ever advocate the violent overthrow of the government are on their payroll.

This is sometimes called a false flag operation and it is one of the few government conspiracies I actually believe in.  I believe in it because it makes racist conspiracy theorists either look like terrorists or idiots or both.    Given the left wing slant of the executive branch of government its not particularly rational to think they would be doing anything else.  What did you think all those NSA spies were doing, looking for your chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Step 6:  Almost anyone who calls for secession or race separation or race war or any violent overthrow of the government is probably a government plant.  Sorry race warriors but the feds can make you look bad--well, worse than you already do anytime they want.  They are just toying with you the way a cat does with a mouse.  Especially that guy who keeps trying to get everyone to buy or make illegal guns and explosives.  You know for sure he’s a fed.

Step 7:  But gentle Nazis, its worse than that

(Give me a minute I just got a real funny image of you racial supremacists having a mass delusional dream wherein you all cry: “Help me Hitler, help me!”  And super Hitler flies in and saves all your asses.  Okay so maybe it’s not really all that funny but just the notion of someone calling on Adolph for help amuses me to no end! )

Step 8:  Right.  Now gentle Klansman, its much, much worse than you think.  It’s not those Jewish bankers you need to worry about.  It’s your dentist, doctor, and auto repairman.  Remember when that dentist numbed you up and put things in your mouth?  Did you know that the government approved of all the things the dentist put in your mouth?  You see, you have no idea what a government as powerful as you seem to think ours is could actually do if it actually wanted to.  Your car was filled with government bugs the last time it was repaired.  Your clothes were infiltrated with government listening devices the last time you took them to the dry cleaners.  If you think these things are not possible or not credible then you need to add both stupidity and ignorance to your long list of faults.  Dude wearable electronics in clothes have already been discussed in open literature.  If they can put RFID on dogs to track them what makes you think they can’t do that to you?  If you get tinfoil hat anxiety by thinking this way, then fear not.  All your problems will soon be solved.  The government is working out ways to read your thoughts and control them even as we speak.  Again, since the research to do this has already been discussed in open literature, surely and as a  bonified conspiracy theorist, you know they have already progressed further in mind control then they would ever tell you….

Remember, you were the one who swore up and down that there was a powerful government conspiracy to bring down presidents, attack the nation and poison our food, air and water.  So if you didn’t understand what it would really mean if the government could do all that the failing was on your part.  If the government is really that powerful then everything you ever thought you heard, or knew or learned is a pure fabrication.  None of it is real.  You don’t even have the dignity of being in a fetal position in the Matrix.   Rather you are just a brain in a jar.  Or worse, you are just a simulation in a computer.


Step 9:  So for those of you who have understood this peak behind the curtain, what are we to do?  Since we do not appear to be able to change the program, we have to act as though we believe what we experience is real.  No rational alternative is available to us that this juncture.  None of the folks that say they found a way out such as those Heaven’s Gate loonies ever came back to peel back reality and show us what was what.    So we live our lives and we watch and wait, and if we really ever see that frayed edge at the corner of reality that confirms that there is an unseen reality underlying the façade we inhabit we will still need to ask ourselves.

Have we gone mad? Even if we are sane is it a good deal to meddle with the only reality we know? What if whatever it is that sustains us is destroyed or seriously degraded by our meddling? Are there any moral and ethical implications to becoming God? Suppose we get out and the new reality is much, much worse?



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