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How To Have A Blacker Than Blackest Black Friday

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Written by Poetryman69   

Intro:  The Blackness that is Black Friday refers to getting out of the Red at last.

Making a profit.  Being in the black.

Putting the Cats Pajamas on the Bees Knees for pity's sake!

Step 1:  To generate some sales you need to generate some attention.

Contests are a cool way to generate attaention.

Given that Black Friday occurs in November, take advantage of the Movember movement.

Ask people to donate to that worthy cause and have a contest wherein kids and

women come up with the most Militant Milk Mustache contest.

Kids and women wearing mustache:  A must see.

Step 2:  If November isn't bad poetry month yet, then let us make it so.

Have the community's worst word slingers come up with the worst

Militant Milk Mustche Manifestoes.

Can it get any worse than reading bad political diatribes which

rhyme or have some sort of poetic tie in, whilst sporting a milk mustache?

Step 3:  Have the Sweetest Sticky Rainbow contest.

Step 4:  Have the Stickiest Sweet Rainbow contest.

Step 5: Have he brightest Sweet Sticky Rainbow contest.

Step 6:  Most of the rainbow contest will involve brightly colored candies.

But you could give out special prizes to people who make edible rainbows with fruit,

vegetables or any thing else that can be eaten.

Step 7:  Have the tastiest rainbom contest.

Step 8:  Do not forget the ugliest Christmas tie contest.

Step 9:  The least edible, but non poisonous fruit cake contest.

Pickle surprise anyone?

Step 10:  The hardest but yet and still edible fruit cake contest.




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