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How to Stare at Women's Breasts for 15 Years

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Written by Poetryman69   

Intro: After looking at women's breasts for 15 years a French scientist

has come to the conclusion that sexy, young women don't need bras.

No really,  it took him 15 years to figure that out.

If are a 50  year old mother of five, he says, keep your bra on.

Step 1: At first glance it seems like it might be hard to get this study off the ground.

Walk up to a pleasant young lady and say:  Excuse me,

I would like to gaze at your breasts for about 15 years.

It's for science.  I promise!

I would measure your perkiness as a matter of scientific curiosity only!!!

Step 2: Like many subjects in the real world the answer is look at things backwards.

Make the women come to you.

Go any any college and post something like this on the bulletin boards:

Do you hate your bra!!!   Have your subjects self select.

Tons of women should email you to complain about their bras.

Some women will give you an earful of:  The Bra as a Torture Device.

All you have to do is have a sympathetic ear for that.

Give each candidate an extensive survey to see if has body issues,

or hates science, or would feel embarrassed or uncomfortable to allow a researcher to do years of measurement.  And yes I do mean years.

You have to see how much things go south with and without a bra and compare the statistics.

Step 3: You know that they say about the similarities between bikinis and statistics.

What they reveal is interesting.  What they conceal is vital!

Step 4: It might seem tempting to only take as candidates ladies who are either nudists,

or who have posed nude for more than one artist,

or who have nude videos or photos on-line that they are rather proud of.

However, if you really are trying to do some science here,

selecting women who love to get naked all the time could bias your study.

Yes, women who almost never get naked would be more difficult to come by

and therefore harder to study but if you really are doing real science on

the effect of women's clothing and underwear on muscle tone,

you need to get a substantial selection of ladies who are so shy

they wear their clothes in the shower.

The problem is, again if you are doing real science, you need an objective third party,

acceptable to Prudence Chastity Nunnery,  to do the measurements.  Good luck with that!

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