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How A Secret Seeker Seeks a Secret Lover

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Written by Poetryman69   

Intro:  How A Secret Seeker Seeks a Secret Lover

Step 1:  If you are a fan of the power of postive thinking and if you seek out

like minded people you might be considered a a seeker of  Secret Lovers.

That is to say, you enjoy the company of people who read or enjoy,

or believe in the secrets of the book called The Seeker.

Step 2:  Not everyone who enjoys the joys of postive self talk and

paying your self first and the like actually seeks

the company of others who share those views.

Sometimes he is just looking for new insights and techniques and

does not really want to get into the messiness of people.

Such a person may be a Secret Seeker but he does not seek Secret Lovers.

Step 3:  The reality is that we are the way the universe knows it self.

We are the hands and eyes of the divine because there are no other candidates.

For most people, most of the time, if you are going to get a blessing,

it is going to come from another person.

It will come whether the other even intends it or not.

Now one could say that what is a blessing for some is a curse for others.

If I lose a dollar but you find it, that is a blessing for you but not so good for me.

But it is better to have the universal blessings

so that the postive feelings flow for everyone.

For instance, if some dread disease is cured because we all gave money or

time or attention to finding the cure, that is a blessing for everyone .

If all those who Secret Seekers who seek Secret Lovers go to the websites of

strangers on 11/12/13 and blesss them, praise them, lift them up,

bookmark them and recommend them,

then every Secret Seeker everywhere will be blessed.

Step 4:  Let blessings reign on 11.12.13.  Let blessings rain on 11-12-13.

Shower the people with praise, prayers and blessings on November 12th 2013.

A million people are going to be doing something on that date no matter what.

Why not make that something positive.

All the blessings and wonders that Secrets Seekers seek can come from

one another if we will seek out strangers on

the internet and bless their works on that date.

Let it be a day of spiritual awakening and renewal.

Go to at least 100 websites of people you don't know and

bookmark them or recommend then on StumbleUpon, Facebook,  or Twitter.


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