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How to Make Paper Fan Palm Leaves
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Written by Erica Stanton   


These instructions should come in handy if you want to make a palm tree out of paper, or create the illusion of palm thatch for a tiki bar, or luau party decorations. Fan palms are called fan palms because they have leaves that look like fans.  The fan palm leaf in the picture is made out of brown paper for thatch. If you'd like to make leaves to make a live palm tree, then you'll want to use green paper.  You can make a lot of them fairly quickly especially if you have some people to help.


things you'll need: Construction paper Scissors Stapler



Fold your paper accordion style. It can help if you score it first with a ruler and the blunt edge of your scissors. You want the folds to be neat and even, but it doesn't have to be 100% exact. It's OK to eye ball the folds.


Cut along the line in the picture. You want to trim a triangular piece off the folded paper to give each of the folds a pointed end. It's OK if the cut isn't exactly the same for each fold. in nature the breaks on these leaves can be very uneven.

3 To finish, you want to staple the base of the leaf together. You can insert a strip of cardboard to simulate a stem here if you like.

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