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How to Make A Sweet Sticky Rainbow

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Written by Poetryman69   

Intro:  How to Make A Sweet Sticky Rainbow

Step 1:  One of the easiest ways to make a sweet sticky rainbow is to use candy.

Step 2:  Now it's a matter or what kind of candy you like.

Step 3:  I am partial to M&Ms myself.

Step 4:  However there is nothing stop you from partaking

of any part of the rainbow universe that suits your fancy.

Step 5:  You can do skittles or licorice or lollipops.

Step 6:  If we want to pretend to be healthy we can still get sweet and sticky.

Step 7:  With fruit, you can still get that sweet sticky rainbow.

Step 8:  Oranges, apples, necatrines, peaches, plums appricots, kiwi.

Step 9:  Back to the candy, get yourself an all day sucker.

Step 10:  Given what we are talking about, get a rainbow drawer

full of all day suckers.

Step 11:  Tell your significant other than your candy rainbow is for the kids.

Step 12:  Yeah, I am gathering this sweet sticky rainbow to hand out to the kids on

Halloweeen.  That's the ticket!

Step 13:  Halloween is not the only sweet sticky holiday.

Step 14:  Christimas is a valid excuse for the green, red, and even the forbidden

white part of the rainbow!

Step 15:  Easter is an excuse to eat candy but whoever heard of a chocolate rainbow!



Sweet, Sticky Rainbow 1


Sweet Sticky Rainbo 2


Sweet Sticky Rainbough 3


Sweet Sticky Rainbows



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