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How to Get Relief from Chronic Lupus
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Written by ken halpern   

There are several different types of Lupus that a patient could be diagnosed with by a physician.  A medical professional would need to do a complete evaluation and run tests to determine what kind of Lupus someone has – some of the symptoms that would suggest talking with your health professional to determine is Lupus is the cause would be:  painful joints, fevers, rashes caused by sun exposure, hair loss, loss of circulation in toes or fingers, swollen legs, mouth ulcers, swollen glands and/or extreme tiredness.   Because it affects joints it is related to arthritis, and proper diagnosis is important.  Managing chronic Lupus is possible


Step 1 – Reduce Stress:  although it may be impossible to remove all stresses from your life, minimizing stress in your day to day life is important to reduce the likelihood of a flareup.  Find time to do the things you enjoy even in your hectic life to reduce daily stress.


Step 2 -  A little bit of daily exercise can actually reduce flareups  and help you maintain a healthy weight.  Avoid high impact aerobics, but low impact aerobics and swimming are wonderful ways to stay fit.  They  will also improve strength and movement while reducing your risk for osteoporosis and heart disease.


Step 3 – Eat a healthy diet. Include lots of fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains.  Eat fish and poultry instead of red meat.  Have plenty of calcium in your diet for bone and joint health or take a daily vitamin to provide it.


Step 4 -  Get a restful nights sleep.


Step 5 – Limit the time you spend in the sun.  When in the sun use sun screen with an SPF of 30 or higher.  Because you are limiting your time in the sun, it may be necessary to take Vitamin D to prevent a Vitamin D deficiency.


Step 6 – Don’t smoke. Don’t start to smoke with there is a history of Lupus in your family.  There are many reasons not to smoke from heart disease to various forms of cancer; preventing Lupus is just another.


Step 7 – Seriously take control of managing your Lupus, even being part of a support group of other Lupus sufferers to discuss the struggles all of you face and how nice it is to know you are “not alone”.






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