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How to Have Your Wishes Granted

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Intro:  How to Have Your Wishes Granted

Step 1:  Wish for something easy like:  water, or the roots to a quadratic equation or a politician who constantly lies.

Step 2:  Never wish for something humanly impossible.  For most us,  our dearest wishes would be granted by human beings.  Very few us wish to eat molten iron without dying.  Its best to keep your wishes to a human scale.

Step 3:  Make reasonable, though larger than life wishes.  Wish for a million dollars.  Wishing for enough money to buy and sell countries like say a trillion dollars will only get you in to trouble.  The first thing they do when they find out you have a trillion dollars is to devalue the currency.  The second thing they do is to declare all old paper money valueless and issue new currency.  You are poor once more.

Step 4:  See 11:11 on a clock.  There are those who believe that when a digital clock strikes a certain series of digits, you can get your wish granted.  So round about 11, start clock watching.

Step 5:  Check out Angel Numbers.  Some folks think that numbers like 8888 are wish granting Angel numbers.  Find a wish granting website and wish away.  Never give them money or any personally identifiable information.  Remember, Angels already know who you are.  But you still need to ask for what you want.

Step 6:  Acquaint youself with lucky objects and animals.  Horeshoes, rabbit's feet, and Luck Dragons.  Get to know them all.

Step 7:  Check out the ancient of art of Feng Shui.  Feng Shui litterally means "wind and water."  It is a practice of ordering your life and belongings so that the positive energy flows in and the negative energy either stays away or flows away.




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