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How To Protect Your Finger Nails During the Winter

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Written by Bill Hanks   

The winter and cold weather can be brutal on your finger nails.  A person can be tempted to remove snow or ice from their vehicle.  Even gloves can be a hindrance to healthy nails.  This article provides some helpful suggestions for nail care during the cold winter months.

First;  The most important thing you can do is wear a polish throughout the winter season.  A base coat made for brittle nails, followed by two coats of a polish and a top coat, act as armour and help to prevent chipping and breaking.

You will also want to start early in prepping your nails for the season.  Begin by applying a cuticle oil or cream daily.

Make sure the cream or oil has lactic acid in it.  This will help to keep cuticle at bay.  You won't need to cut them so much.

When removing polish, consider soaking your nails for ten minutes in olive oil after removing the polish.  This process  will make brittle nails more stronger.  It will also encourage healthy nail growth.

Gloves are a pain in the winter.  This is because they can cause nails to pop off and even get ragged looking a bit. However, gloves prevent cold air from removing the mush needed mositure your nails need.  They also protect them when working outside.

Trimming nails is not necessary unless you have a hang nail or loose skin.  Longer nails can add to your problems in cold weather.  Consider shorter nails for appearance.  The longer your nails are the more dead keratin cells on your nails. Finally, consider trimming the cuticles back before the cold weather arrives.

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jswana said:

I need these tips. My nails are horrible in the Winter so thanks for sharing.
November 10, 2012
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