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How To Make a Bulletin Board Christmas Tree

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Written by Bill Hanks   

A bulletin board Christmas tree is a great way to decorate your office or classroom, when you have limited space.  It can be decorated many different ways.  It can also be a project that is completed by the entire staff or students.  This article will explain how to make one.  It will also provide some unique ideas for decorating your tree.

Supplies you will need:  Scissors, stapler, green and various colors of construction paper, snapshots of staff or students, fabric of various colors, glue stick, tinsel, popcorn, white thread and needle.

Step One; Clear your existing bulletin board.  Use plain white printing paper and cover the board.  You can easily staple these sheets to it.  You could also use fabric like an old white bed sheet.  Just make sure it is good and secure to the board.

Step Two;  Cut out your tree.  To make your tree look identical on both sides, fold your green construction paper or fabric in the middle.  Depending on how big you want your tree, you may have to pint it together to keep it from opening.

Step Three;  Secure your tree to your bulletin board.  Staples work best.  You can always hide them with ornaments.

Step Four;  Decoration Ideas.  String popcorn with your needle and thread.  You can then place it from side to side on your tree.  Cut our bells, stars or round ornaments with the various colors of construction paper.  Next, use your glue stick to secure snapshots of the students or staff to the center of the bells, stars or ornaments.  Another idea is to make gift boxes with doors on the construction paper.  On the outer door, put the staff or child's name.  On the inside of the doors, have that person write what they want for Christmas.

Other Ideas;  I once saw a bulletin board Christmas tree that used various designs from Christmas cards.  Candy canes, bears, Christian figurines like lambs and angels and even other trees were cut out and added to the bulletin board tree. Feel free to try out your own ideas.

A bulletin board Christmas tree is a great way to begin the holiday season.

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bernijean said:

This is such a neat idea, I plan to share it with my child's teacher. :)
December 19, 2012
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