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How To Make Caramel Apples and a Scarecrow for the Fall

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Written by Bill Hanks   

The Fall season is a great to share with children.  There are two simple things that you can do to share some quality time with them.  This article explains how to make delicious caramel apples and make a scarecrow, while you are waiting to eat those treats.

First, let's get the treat ready.

You will need either red, green or yellow apples.  You will also need caramel stick apples, caramel, chocolate and nuts.  You can usually get these kits at any store.

I like to use the round pointed sticks.  They are easy to insert.

Step 1.  Wash and dry your apples.

Step 2.   Insert your sticks into the apples.

Step 3.  Place the caramel or chocolate into a sauce pan.  Heat the pan on low flame.

Step 4.  Place your nuts into a small bowl.

Step 5.  Dip your apples into the caramel or chocolate.  Step 6.  Dip the coated apples into the nuts.  Step 7.  Set the coated apples on to a piece of wax paper to dry.

Now let's do the scarecrow.

You will need the following. Straw, old shirt, blue jeans (overalls work best), hat, a cloth grocery bag (head), gloves, paint brush and various paints and twine.

Step 1.  Paint a face on the grocery bag.  Make it happy or scarey.  Stuff it with straw and tie off the loose end.

Step 2.  Stuff the shirt with straw.

Step 3.  Stuff the gloves and pin them to the shirt sleeves.

Step 4.  Tie off the pant legs and stuff the pants.

Step 5.  Place the shirt inside the overalls and secure it to it.  Make sure that everything is stuffed well and secured.

Step 6.  Attach the head to the shirt and add your hat.

Step 7.  You can attach it to a porch post, sit it in a lawn chair, tie it to a tree trunk.  You want it to be seen.

Now hand out your caramel apples.  This is a great way to spend a Fall day with your grandchildren or children.



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Love it! Great article and pictures.
September 24, 2012
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