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How to Promote Your AVON Business for Free!

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Written by Nona Weeks   

AVON can be a very profitable direct sales business, but you have to promote your AVON business if you want to get customer. Most promoting does cost money, but there are ways for you to promote your AVON business for free.

Notify your friends and family that you are selling AVON. Usually family and friends will be the biggest customers in the beginning, and they will usually spread the word for you.

Take your AVON business online to promote it for free. You can set up a facebook page, advertise your AVON business on the yellow pages web site, or on yahoos free site for businesses. There are also more ways to put your AVON business online, and most are free.

Find one of the sites that offer free flyer templates for AVON flyers. The only cost to this is for the ink, but it is worth it. Once you have some professional flyers printed, hang them up. Ask your local stores if they have promotional areas for small business, if they do, hang one up. You can also look around your neighborhood to see if apartments or housing areas have places to hang your AVON flyers. You may be surprised at how many places do allow you to promote your AVON business, and it will be free.

Wear AVON products everywhere. The items such as the AVON pin will cost in the beginning, but it will pay for itself fairly quickly. If you are going to wear the AVON products, you need to know them as well. Be prepared for questions for your potential customers.

The best way to promote your AVON business for free would be word of mouth. This means that you need to give your customers reasons to talk about you. His could be providing great customer service, offering incentives for referrals, or having a small gathering and have each customer have a friend attend.

If you are an AVON rep you know that promoting your business is a necessity. There are so many ways to promote your AVON business for free, why pay for the huge ads in papers until it would be financially sound.



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