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How To Transfer Files to a Coby Kyros 7015 Tablet

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First off, this Coby Kyros 7015  is my first tablet.  After opening it and connecting it to my computer, it made a sound that it had been connected, but nothing came up on my computer screen.  In fact, when I went to "computer" on my main computer, it showed I had nothing plugged into my computer - I began to panic.  I replugged the tablet into my computer several times, still nothing showing.

My next step took me on a Google search, as well as a youtube search, and to my surprise, there are many coby Kyros tablet owners all screaming for help, all with the exact same problem.  And after hours of searching, even on you tube, I could not find an answer as to why the tablet was not showing up on my computer.

So, I had to do something I rarely ever do in life - I dug out the instructions and read them.  And right there, in plain english, was step by step instructions for transferring files off your computer and placing them onto your coby Kyros tablet.  No wonder so many people are at their wits end screaming for help online - did coby actually think people buying these tablets would actually take the time to read the instructions?  They must have, because there they were.

So I will repeat basicly what coby tells you to do.  In order to move files, music, video, movies, and other files, from your computer to your coby Kyros tablet, you must first "MOUNT" the tablet to your computer.  The instructions below will show you how to "mount" your tablet to your computer.



Turn on your coby Kyros tablet.



Take the included usb cable and connect it to both your tablet and your computer - you will hear a sound letting you know the two havew now joined hands.



Look closely at the top bar on your coby tablet.  There should now be one or two small usb symbols in the upper left corner of the tablet screen.



Place a finger tip or stylus onto the usb symbol, and holding it there, drag it downward across the screen - this will pull open another window.



On the pull down screen, there will be two options, usb connected (internal) and usb connected (external).  - external is for moving files between your computer and your tablet's sd card.



.  Click onto usb connected (internal), you will be asked if you want to mount the device - click "mount".



.  On your computer - now you will see a box which reads "removeable disk (E)



.  Select "open folder".



Now drag and drop whatever files you want to from your computer into the now open tablet box.  You can even move file folders full of music or videos, or whatever.  And just like on your computer, you can create and name new files in the open tablet box to move your content into.  It's as easy as drag and drop, or you can copy and paste as well.



.  When you have moved your files onto the open tablet box on your desktop, return to your coby Kyros tablet screen and select "turn off usb storage"



.  Now click turn off and unplug your usb cable.  That's it, you have now transferred files from your main computer or laptop onto your coby Kyros tablet.  Now all those files are now on your tablet for you to take anywhere you go and to enjoy.




I found taking my time and not hurrying the process made it go much smoother.

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