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WSJ Wine Club Review

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Wine that is apart of a club is special because it comes from small wineries around the world and the wine is excellent for the price that you pay.

The "WSJ" or Wall Street Journal Wine Club is one of the more well known clubs out there today. They have been around for many years and are known for offering very competitive deals.

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I was lucky enough to get this wine club as a gift awhile ago and I was thrilled to see that I was getting not two bottles, not 4, not 6, but twelve. I thought it would last me a year, but after tasting how good it was, it definitely didn't last that long, but it did get me by for a long while. Hopefully our WSJ Wine Club review here will help you make your decision easier.

Get a WSJ Wine Club Here

If you were to buy all this wine separately, it would cost you an extra one-hundred and ten bucks, which why this is such a great deal. I didn't even know these clubs existed until someone bought me the WSJ club as a gift. So you can either get it for yourself or open the eyes of a wine loving friend by getting it for them.

Oh and I forgot to mention, it's not just wine you get, you also get a nice corkscrew as well as a freebie just for signing up for your first shipment. You can get the one shipment for seventy bucks or you can continue your shipment which will arrive every three mouths. Just cancel whenever you are ready to.

Get a WSJ Wine Club Here

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The last thing that you will get with your shipment is a folder of info about each of the wine you get in the case. This info has suggestions for matching the wine with food, where the vino came from, and even a guide to what you can smell and taste from the wine.

Don't overlook this freebie of your club can it can be a great deal of fun absorbing this information while you enjoy a nice glass of tasty wine.

Get a WSJ Wine Club Here

The Right Way To Taste Wine

Tasting wine is a refined art, one that gets better with practice and experience. Understanding the right way to taste wine will help enthusiasts enjoy the experience even more. A small amount of the wine being offered is poured into the glass, and the first step is to examine the color and clarity. Move the glass up towards the light, and note the visible features of the wine. Lean in and smell the wine while swirling it, rotating the wrist some and gently circulating the glass.

Only the wrist is used to gently swirl the wine, and this may take some time and practice to accomplish. This motion releases aromas so the smell is stronger, and the aromas and flavors can be detected. With the wine glass placed just under the nose inhale deeply, keeping the mouth open.

Once the wine has been visually examined and smelled it is time to move on to tasting it. Take an initial sip of the wine and let it roll over the tongue and through the mouth, holding it for a few seconds before finally swallowing. Smell affects taste, and exhaling while swallowing the wine allows the smell and taste to combine together.

Take a second small drink, and this time swish the wine through the mouth before swallowing. Make sure to exhale when swallowing each time for the best experience. Wine tasting is a skill that must be practiced and developed, and the longer this is done the better an individual will become at detecting flavors and aromas.

Get a WSJ Wine Club Here

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