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How to save Money at Dollywood

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There are some great ways to save money when going to Dollywood located in Pigeon Forge, TN. Living nearby I get to enjoy the excitement of the park most of the year and have learned many ways to save money. Some of these ways can be applied to any amusement park.

Picture of my two boys during Christmas Time at Dollywood.


Step 1 Save money on the tickets. The best way at Dollywood to save is upgrading a ticket into a season pass. Dollywood is very affordable compared to most parks for season passes. Ticket can be obtained by:

Staying at a local hotel offing Discounted of Free Dollywood Tickets

Stay or take a tour at the local time shares. Time shares will try to sell you a time share or vacation package and in return for taking the turn and listen to the sales spill they will give you either cash or tickets, regardless if you buy or not the vacation package or timeshare.

Know someone local or work at a local hotel, attraction, or food establishment. Locals who work in certain industries get free tickets.

Listen to local radio stations or visit them online for give away contests for Dollywood.

Once in the park with a ticket upgrade to a season pass if you are going to go another day. For an even better value, upgrade to the gold pass for discounts and free parking.


Step 2 Save money on parking. There are several ways to save money on parking by:

Carpool with someone else going, now you can split the parking fee or even luckier and not have to pay at all.

Get a gold pass. A season gold pass will give you discounts and free parking. In 2014 the parking is $10.00 and $15.00 for extra wide/long vehicles so a few trips to the park with equal out to great savings with the gold pass.

Ride the trolley. Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville have a trolley. 2014 Prices are fifty cents to a dollar, depending on location, per person per each time getting on the trolley. Only fifty center if you use the depot station in Pigeon Forge. This may save money depending on how many people are going. Or people can be dropped off and only one person ride the trolly into the park.


Step 3 Save money on food. There a few option to saving money on food, but please note you can not take food into the park unless it is for medical reasons.

Eat a large breakfast before going so you can eat a late lunch. Make the lunch a nice large meal so you don’t have to eat dinner in the park.

If leaving the park get you hands stamp, unless you have season passes, and go out to eat at a local fast food or restaurant.

Pack food and go out to the car to eat. I love doing this. It gives everyone a chance to sit, relax, and cool down. It is perfect time to get the group together and make afternoon plans in the park.


Step 4 Save money on Drinks. You can’t take outside drink inside Dollywood, but you can…

Buy the Dollywood cups. There are often several deals, but the cups generally give you ninety nine cent refills the first year and one dollar and ninety nine cents each year after that.

Ask for ice water, ice water in a cup is free and they will refill the Dollywood cups with ice water as well. After all water is best to drink when out in the hot sun.

Fill the Dollywood cup up with the desire drink before going into the park and when returning to the car. Now they said no outside drinks allowed in, but they want you to bring the Dollywood cup in, so go ahead and fill it up.  (Please note alcohol is not allowed.)


Step 5 Popcorn buckets. Popcorn is sold all over the park and at all the shows. Buying the popcorn bucket allow you to get 99 cent refills, which can save you tons of money.

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