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How to Grill Cod Fish Fillet

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Written by Susan Golis   

cod fish entree by susangolis


Grill fresh cod fish fillets  on your gas grill and your dinner entrée will be cooked quickly without heating up your kitchen.  This cod fish recipe is good for people who are on salt restricted diets as there is no salt additive.   It is also a low calorie entrée.  Make the cod entree with extra virgin olive oil, black pepper and paprika. The flavor of the seasoned cod will satisfy your family and friends appetites. Learn how to grill cod fish by following these tips.


Step 1:

Gather ingredients for grilled cod fish fillet, 8oz fillet of cod fish, ground black pepper, and paprika, 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon of diced vine ripe tomatoes, gas grill, and pastry brush

Step 2

Set the flame on your grill at medium high and heat your grill.

Step 3

Apply the extra virgin olive oil with pastry brush to both sides of the fish.

Step 4

Sprinkle paprika and black pepper onto the cod fillets. Add the seasoning to the side of the fish that is going to show on the plate. The combination of olive oil, paprika and pepper will add flavor and color to the grilled cod fillet.

Set the cod on the gas grill. Cook each side of the cod for a minute and a half to two minutes. Close the grill lid while grilling the cod fillet. Check the cod texture; if the fish starts to flake then remove from the grill as the cod cooked.

Step 5

Dice vine ripe tomatoes and garnish the cod. Serve grilled cod fillets as a main entree, with steamed broccoli, brown rice and fresh cantaloupe on the side.   This nutritious dinner entrée is healthy and is low in calories.


One pound of fresh cod fillet equals two eight-ounce servings.

Buy fresh Atlantic cod at your local seafood market.

Fish gets rubbery if reheated in microwave, best to eat all of the cod when served.

For a light meal served the grilled cod over baby greens salad or serve as a sandwich.

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