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How To Do a Glueless Quick Weave

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Quick weaves are a good option for anyone who wants to alternate the color of their hair. You can also alternate the style of your hair with a quickweave. The options are endless. Glueless quickweaves are the safest method for your hair if you do not desire any type of breakage. A glueless quick weave can be done within the comfort of your own home.

1. Take your hair and put it in a low ponytail making sure to tuck the ponytail underneath. If you are natural, you may want to try cornrows.

2. Add Gro Protect Solution (They are alternative serums) to your hair. You will want to paint it on with an application brush covering your entire hair. It is best to paint in a circular motion.

3. Sit under the hair dryer until the Gro Protect Solution has hardened. You want to make sure this is completely dry or else your quick weave will not hold. You will know when the Gro Protect Solution has hardended as it will be stiff to the touch.

4. Since you have a bond, you can use adhesive to attach your quickweave without any residue getting into your hair.

5. Add the adhesive to your wefts and lay them piece by piece until you make a closure. If desired, you can do the invisible part method.

6. Cut and/or curl your glueless quickweave to your desitred style.

7. To remove your glueless quick weave, just go and wash it out. The bond releases when water hits it, so be sure not to get caught in the rain.

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