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How to Burn 100+ Calories a Day

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Needing to shed some pounds? Who doesn’t and even doing little things can burn calories. Burning calories can be done by making simple changes in your daily routine. Change your daily routine by including walking (one of the simplest exercises) and a few other simple exercises. Portion control and small healthy snacks are keys to burning calories too. If you must feed that craving, have that candy bar, eat half and save the other half for the next day. It is ok to feed the craving, just follow the portion control routine. Eating two snacks a day can control the hunger pains and the snack should be high in fiber. Fiber fills you up and helps to control the hunger/cravings. Again, portion control is recommended. Having a snack of nuts or dried fruit is a good choice, both are high fiber foods.

Stretching is important, even if you’re just going for a walk. Stretching helps to improve your range of motion and you only need to do 5 minutes of stretching daily. Set on the floor with your back straight and tighten your legs and hold for 1 minute. Relax and repeat again until 5 minutes have lapsed. Stretching is a must for any type of exercise.

Women who walk for 30 minutes at a pace of 4 miles per hour will burn 135 calories. If time is a problem, split the walking time up. Walk 15 minutes in the morning and walk the remaining 15 minutes in the evening. Its better walk than not walk at all! Walking fast for 1 minutes then slowing down for 1 minute will burn more calories too.

Hiking is a form of walking and if you hike for 1 hour you can burn 442 calories. If you live in an area that has a steep terrain for hiking, that is even better for burning calories. Hiking steep terrains also helps tone the leg muscles.

Do you surf the web a lot? Women who work at a computer everyday can burn 2 calories per minute. That is a total of 120 calories for a day.

Start downloading music to your iPod. Music helps your mood and keeps you distracted from discomfort. If you listen to an iPod while walking, upbeat music helps to keep your pace constant. But be careful and don’t get so distracted by the music that you don’t see or hear that car headed right for you!

Are you a shop-aholic? One hour of shopping can burn 100 calories. Next time your husband complains about all of the outfits you try on, tell him you’re burning 11 calories for every outfit you try on.

Stick to water for you’re after exercise drink. If you worked out for more than 60 minutes, the sport drink will cost you more calories than you burned. Drink ice cold water-the body uses more calories to warm up the water that you’ve just drank.

See how easy it is to burn calories when you don’t even try!   

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