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How to Stock a Freezer with Homemade Entrees

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Those of us growing up in the 60’s and 70’s may have had a “stay at home” mom. She always had time to start the dinner meal hours before dad got home. That usually isn’t the case in this day and age. Time is a rare commodity these days and cooking takes time-precious time. It is true that you can find pre-made entrees in the freezer isle, but homemade meals are so much better. Besides you can pronounce all of the ingredients listed in the recipe. :o) In most case it’s less expensive to by ingredients in bulk. Divide the bulk items up for cooking then freeze your entrees.

You could cook once and freeze all of the meals for the entire month. But this method is overwhelming and exhausting to perform. Try the doubling or quadrupling of a single recipe. Freeze the extra portions by following these tips.

Items needed for freezing your entrees:

Freezer storage bags

Quality plastic wrap

Press and seal wrap

Heavy duty aluminum foil

Containers meant to be used in the freezer


Permanent markers

Freezer containers are meant to be used in the freezer and cut down on freezer burn. Another good kitchen aid is the vacuum sealer machine. It drastically reduces freezer burn. Use a label to date when the entrée was made and name of the entrée and the thawing and cooking directions too.

You may not have enough casserole/baking dishes for all of your entrees. Line the dish with heavy duty aluminum foil; make sure you leave enough hanging over the sides. Make the casserole, then freeze, once the casserole is frozen, left it out of the pan by using the over- hanging foil. Place the frozen casserole in a zip lock bag and date and label the bag with thawing and cooking directions. When you decide to use the casserole, place the frozen casserole entrée back into the casserole/baking dish and place in the refrigerator to thaw.

Leftovers can become an entrée for later in the month. Just follow the same directions for freezing entrees. Label the container/bag with date and what the leftover is and reheating directions too.

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