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How to Become a Police Officer in Atlanta, Georgia

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Many people have dreams of becoming a police officer, but are unsure exactly of how to do so. This article will teach you how to become a police officer in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia. The 2010 Census Report states that the city's population is 420,303. This is the place were 5,268,860 people reside outside the city. Atlanta is also the 9th largest city in the United States. A police recruit can make $34,726 per year. If you complete high school or get an equivalency diploma, you can make about $39,327 to $53,599 per year. Candidates that have an associate's degree can bring home between $40,704 and $55,475 per year. Potential candidates that have a bachelor's degree can earn $42, 128 to $57,417 per year in the city of Atlanta. It will be your job to help prevent crime.

Things You'll Need:

Birth Certificate

Clean Driving Record

Pass Background Checks


Step 1 Police Basic Requirements

In Atlanta, Georgia, there are quite a few requirements on how to become a police officer. All individuals must be a United States citizen, must be at least twenty years old, must have a valid driver's license and high school diploma or GED certificate. A person must also successfully complete the examination and personality assessment. They must also have good visual ability. This would be 20/20 with glasses, surgery, or contacts. Also, a person applying to be an Atlanta, Georgia police officer must pass medical examination.

Step 2 Policemen Written and Physical Exams

Upon meeting these requirements, to become a police officer in Atlanta Georgia, a person should earn a Criminal Justice Degree in order to set themselves apart from the rest. They must complete the written exams as well as do a lot of high physical activities during the police academy. They must also meet harsh standards during the weeks of field training and classroom training once accepted into the police academy.

Step 3 Atlanta Police Training

To summarize everything about how to become a police officer in Atlanta, Georgia, first a person must meet all of the requirements. All of these requirements must be met, and it is recommended a person should earn a Criminal Justice Degree in order to set themselves apart. After these requirements are met, the person must complete the written exams. If accepted into the police academy, they will have to perform at very high physical levels during training, in two separate training sessions. Also, they have to perform very well in the classroom. Here are reasons why candidates do not qualify for the position.


Read books and magazines about law enforcement in Atlanta, Georgia

Apply for a position online at joinatlantapd.org.

Visit Atlantapd.org so that you can become more informed about the position.

Prepare a well-written resume and cover letter so that you will be ready for the job interview.


Please keep in mind that police work is dangerous and crimes can occur anywhere at anytime.

Make sure you understand that this is a 24-hour job and your hours will vary within the department.

Be prepared to catch and chase criminals.

You will have to collect evidence and enforce the laws of the city.


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