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How to Be a Doomsday Prepper

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Written by Poetryman69   

Intro: If the world truly does go to hell in a hand basket, are you ready?  Doomsday Preppers are.

Step 1:  One of the most important lessons to be learned from Hurricane Katrina is that in a disaster, you may have to do without government assistance for 72 hours.  And you may have to do without competent government assistance for even longer.  If you don't want to be locked up in a stadium full of broken toilets or chased around by news cameras who tell the world you are stealing if you try to get something to eat, you might want to prepare for a disaster on your own.  Let the professional welfare recipients sit on their butts and wait for their Government God to show up while they suffer for their faith.   You don't have to.

Step 2: Everyone needs water to live.  In fact, if you go for four days without water, you will surely die.  So any doomsday, preparedness, disaster people have plenty of stored water or access to underground water.

Step 3:  Some of what the hardcore preppers are doing is not available to everyone.  For instance, you will not discover any real prepper living in the middle of densely populated urban area.  If you do discover someone claiming to be  prepper living in such a state, count that person as confused.  Do you recall what happened when a hurricane approached Houston and people began to evacuate?  Some folks were on the highway for hours just trying to get out of town.

Serious preppers live as far away from densely populated areas as they can.  Even if you aren't worried about evacuation,  there isn't enough ammo in the world to keep one million people from stealing your food and water if a real disaster hits.  In fact, you can judge how well some of these preppers understand their own prognostications of doom by how far they live away from millions of people. The better you can count, if you are a true prepper, the further you live from people.

Step 4:  Preppers know how to do something.  You will not survive a true disaster if you don't know how to do something with you hands.   Farming, carpentry, canning food.  You need skills to survive and to barter for water and food.

Step 5:  Preppers need to know how to live off the land.  There will be no running water.  No electricity.  No pharmacies. No doctors.  No grocery stores.  If you don't know which plants are edible and which are not then I guess you will have to eat your dog.



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