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How to use Everyday Items Around the House

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This little article will tell you how to use a substitute product for some of your household chores especially if you’re out of something that you are currently use. This substitute item could be something unexpected and you wouldn’t think you could use it for something other than what it was meant to be used for. The list could have endless possibilities but I’ve narrowed it down to just a few suggestions.

The all purpose clear nail polish. Yes, that’s right clear nail polish can be used in many ways other than on your fingernails. Use clear nail polish on your glasses to keep that tiny little screw in place. Screw it back in and then dab a little clear nail polish on it and let it dry.

To keep button threads secure, apply a small thin amount of clear nail polish onto the center of the button. Let dry completely before wearing the clothing item.

If you keep your shaving cream can in the corners of the bathtub you’ve probably had to deal with rust stains. Coat the bottom of the shaving cream can with clear nail polish. Let the nail polish dry by standing the shaving cream can on its head until completely dry.

Need to seal an envelope but you’ve discovered that the glue has hardened in the glue bottle. Use clear nail polish instead. Coat the flap of the envelope with a thin layer of clear nail polish to seal the envelope.

Using lemons: there are a few of us who don’t have an automatic dishwasher. Therefore cleaning certain kitchen gadgets can be difficult to clean by hand. One such gadget that is tough to clean by hand is the cheese grater. After using the cheese grater, rub the inside and outside of the grater with the pulp side of a cut lemon. The acid in the juice will loosen the cheese on the grater making it easier to wash.

Uses for newspaper: after storing a closed thermos all summer, the thermos will probably have a bad smell. Ball up a piece of newspaper and stuff it into the thermos and reseal the thermos. Let it sit overnight. Before storing the thermos for future use, keep newspaper inside the thermos until you’re ready to use it again.

Use newspaper (I like to use the comic section) in the vegetable drawer to keep it dry (if you don’t have moisture sittings on the vegetables drawers) and free of smells.

Dryer sheets: have multiple uses and in certain cases you can use used dryer sheets. Gym shoes are notorious for harboring bad odors. 


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