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How to use Salt around the House

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Salt is mostly used for cooking and as a cleaning agent. Salt can be considered a “green product” because it has so many uses. Salt can be used around the house in many ways. Salt can be used to keep candles from dripping or used as a weed killer. No wonder salt was once used as currency; it was valuable and today valuable for its low cost and functionality.

To keep candle was from dripping (ruining the wood table) soak the new candle in strong salted water for several hours. Then let the candle(s) fry well before burning.

Soot build up in chimney’s or woodstove pipes can be dangerous. Sporadically throw a handful of salt on the flames. This helps to loosen soot build up.

Water deposits can be hard to remove from flower vases. Rub the inside with salt. Some narrow vases are hard to clean with salt. Make a very strong salt water solution. Pour solution into vase and shake or let stand. Pour out solution and wash with soap and water.

Prolong the life of fresh cut flowers by adding a dash of salt to the water.

Salt can be used as a weed killer and is much better for the environment and pets than harsh chemicals. Carefully spread some salt into the cracks of driveways or sidewalks to kill weeds. Spread it on patios between the bricks. Once you’ve spread the salt, SPRINKLE lightly with water. Don’t use so much water that the salt washes away, just need enough water to make the salt leach down into the soil killing the weeds.

Poison ivy can be killed with salt too. Mix 3 pounds of salt with a gallon of soapy water. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray the solution onto the leaves and stems. Be careful to not touch the poison ivy while spraying the plant. But I do have another article about using salt to relieve the inflammation and pain of poison ivy.

Keep windows and windshields frost free by rubbing the inside of windows with a sponge dipped in a saltwater solution and then rub the windows dry. To keep snow and ice from sticking to the windshield and the car door windows, put some salt in a cloth bag. MOISTEN (DON’T saturate the bag with water, just moisten) the bag with a little water, then rub the bag over the windshield and car door windows.

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