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How To Make a Personalized Budget

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I have looked at numerous sites to find help with making a budget over the last few years. Most of the sites have great ideas, but I have not found one site that has a budget sheet for my particular situation. Every one of us will have spending in different areas of our lives. For me I spend more on baby items and groceries than someone whom does not have children, or someone with older children. Ā Learning to make a personal budget for your situation can help you control your spending on more levels.

To begin with you do not need to know how to make spread sheets or anything fancy. You can actually make a great budget sheet using a simple notebook and pencil or pen. If you feel it would be better for you to use a spreadsheet, and then by all means do what is best for you. Remember that this is a budget that you are personalizing for you.

Take a month to write down all of your personal expenses. If you have other family members that are included in your budget have them do the same thing. At the beginning of the next month evaluate your families spending. This will give you a great idea of what is going out of your home, and what you need to tighten your budget on.

Make a section on your budget that has all of your families needs. These expenses always come first. I have noticed that you can find an ideal percentage for everything that we spend, but each family is individuals and have a different budgeting need. We can not all keep our needs with the same range as our neighbors.

Now make a list of your familys items that are more wants than needs. These items will be what you can use any amount left over each month from the previous step. If you are unable to give your family there wants for the month your personalized budget will give you a very good guideline on what you can do to cut costs everywhere so that you can do more in other areas.

We all live different lives and not one of us have the same spending habits. Your family may have a need for a larger home, an extra vehicle, or any other vast expenses that will be different than mine. With this personal budget you can really look at your families financial needs so that you can see what needs to be changed and how much money that you can save for something special in your life. Remember that it is your personal budget and not anyone elses. If you are serious about budginting your families money you will determine what needs to be accomplished to reach your families financial goals.

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