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How to use a Vegetable Peeler for other Tasks
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Written by LeonNa Gilbert   

The vegetable peeler shouldn’t be left in the drawer and used only for peeling potatoes and carrots. You can actually use it for other things. The sharp blades face inward so there is no chance of cutting yourself either and makes it handier to use than a sharp paring knife. Below are few ideas on how to use the vegetable peeler on other food items.

Want to make your Valentine cake or cupcakes look elegant? Use your vegetable peeler on chocolate bars to make pretty chocolate curls. You can also use the peeler on chunks of whole coconut to make curls for cakes or cupcakes too.

Make wisps of cheese for salads and soups by running the peeler over chunks of Parmesan or Romano cheese. The peeler works beautifully for cutting thin slices of cheddar or Gouda for grilled cheese or Panini sandwiches.

Ever tried getting the foil tops off of wine bottles and having difficulty doing this? Make one quick smooth peel at the bottle’s top edge and pull away the foil cap.

Don’t waste the woody end of asparagus. Peel the outer layer of the skin away with a vegetable peeler before cooking. Want to make lovely thin slices of zucchini or carrots? Use a vegetable peeler to make long thin curls. Sauté the curls in butter for a lovely side dish that will be pleasing to look at and eat!

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Lynnette said:

Great ideas to use a vegetable peeler more often.
January 12, 2012
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