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How to Plan a Dinner Party at Restaurant
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Written by Susan Golis   

We all like to host special parties; birthday, engagement, anniversary, graduation, and family reunion in our home however sometimes the guest list is rather lengthy and our homes are not accommodating.  A restaurant that offers a banquet room will provide you with the dinner services that you need.  Follow these tips for planning a special dinner party.






Step 1

Determine how many guests will be invited to the special event.  You will need to have an approximate number of guests to be able to reserve the correct size banquet room.

Step 2

Choose a date and time for your dinner party.  It is wise to be a little flexible with the time of party because the restaurant banquet room may be reserved.

Step 3

Seek restaurants in your area that provide banquet rooms for special dinner parties.  Select the restaurant that accommodates your budget has good customer service and quality and tasteful food.

Step 4

Contact the restaurant and inquire about the banquet facilities.  Ask if they have an online banquet menu or if they would fax you a menu.  Inquire about the dates for the reservations and if there is a room fee for special events.  Also ask about the meal service: sit down, choice of three entrees or freedom to order off menu.  Buffet with a choice of hot and cold station and dessert tray.  Note all of the information in a journal so that you can refer back to it if needed.

Discuss the set up of the banquet room.  For large groups many guests like the table setup as a horseshoe where everyone is at the same table.  See image above for the table setting.  You may also be able to choose round banquet tables.

Step 5

Decide on the restaurant that meets your special dinner party needs and make the reservation.






Step 6

Send out invitations for your special dinner party.


Ask the banquet or restaurant manager about special accommodations; table linens, gift table, table centerpieces.  Some restaurant will be able to order in these special items for you for additional costs.

Provide the restaurant with a guarantee of guest one week before the event so that they can order the food for your dinner party, schedule servers and set up your room for the right amount of guests.

Many restaurants will permit the special event dinner host to decorate the room with balloons, centerpieces and party favors.  Ask the restaurant manager if this would be okay.  Arrive before the other guest to decorate the room.

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jswana said:

Having worked in a large Hotel, I can tell you would have been a good Client for a banquet reservation. You think things out quite well!
January 08, 2012
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Susan Golis said:

Susan Golis
Thanks jswana, my husband and I owned a catering business and I planned all of the events. I enjoyed the work. You need to plan every little detail. Thanks for your comment.
January 21, 2012
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