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How to Sweep Your Home for Fire Hazards

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There are problems in the making for fire hazards around your home. Some of these fire hazards are the not-so-common.  We don’t always think that not-so-common problems will occur but they do so here is what you should look out for so your home doesn’t become a fire hazard.

Security bars on the windows will make you feel safe but what if a fire occurs? Leave the bars off one window in each room or buy the kind of security bars that have a quick release device that opens from the inside. This could save your life.

Bare light bulbs in the closet can be a serious fire hazard. Especially if you have crammed a lot of clothes and boxes on the shelf underneath the exposed light bulb. If these items touch the bare light bulb those items could ignite.  Did you know that 12% of house hold fires are started in the closet? What better New Year’s resolution than to clean out your closet!  Don’t put it off!

Place smoke alarms high on the wall and check the batteries too. Place one outside each bedroom in your house. While you’re at it, install carbon monoxide detectors low on the wall. These detectors won’t work properly if not placed in the home properly nor will they work with expired batteries.

Our beloved pets and cause a fire hazard too. Pets could knock over candles and space heaters. To insure that this doesn’t happen, make a barrier between your beloved pet and the heat source. But make sure the barrier is not a hazard too before placing it around the heat source.

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