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How To Make Gummy Bear Shots

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Just about everyone loves gummy bears. The candy is chewy, full of different flavors, and of course cute. It is hard to turn yourself away from these cute little treats. If you are 21 or over, you can enhance your gummy bears by making gummy bear shots. Gummy bear shots can be used for many types of events including birthday parties, New Years Eve, Bachelor/Bachelorette party, etc. They are very easy to make.

You will need vodka (or any alcohol of your choosing) and gummy bears to make the gummy beat shooters.

1. Take a bowl and chill it over night. This will help the process go a bit faster.

2. Add in your gummy bears to the bowl. It does not matter how many gummy bears you use, you can fill up the entire bowl if you would like.

3. Add in you vodka (or any alcoholic beverage) to your gummy bears making sure to fill it up just slightly above the gummy bears.

4. Stir the gummy bears and vodka to get a good even coat.

5. Place a lid on top of your bowl.

6. Let sit in the fridge for about a week.

7. After about a week, remove your gummy bears. You will notice that the gummy bears have grown in sized infused with vodka. This means that your gummy bear shots are complete. If you would like you could keep them in the fridge longer to make them bigger.

8. Enjoy. (Also try with gummy worms) You can eat these straight or add them to a drink.


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