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How to Keep Toddlers Safe Around Christmas Decorations

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Written by Priscilla Benfield   


As any parent knows, toddlers get into everything. It is normal and natural as they are exploring their world to put things in their mouths and basically get into everything.  Christmas can be dangerous for toddlers because of holiday decorations there are so many temptations and new things to discover.

Here are several tips for keeping the toddler in your life safe in your home this Christmas season.

The Christmas tree

This is the biggest obstacle in your home. A toddler will be tempted to touch and explore the tree so making it safe is a priority.

Keep the vintage glass ornaments packed away this year to avoid your little one breaking the glass and risking getting cut. Shatterproof ornaments will look just as nice on your tree and if one gets knocked off there will be no mess or danger.

Many parents (and even grandparents) forget about the metal ornament hooks that are commonly used to hang the balls on the tree. Experienced parents know that these are dangerous to toddlers. Use ribbon to tie your ornaments to the tree instead.

Make sure to secure your tree and make it tip-proof. You can do this by either putting it into a base that is wide enough or heavy enough or secure it by tying it to the ceiling. (Just use a piece of heavy-duty wire and attach it to a plant hook that you screw into the ceiling)


We all love the scents of the holidays but a burning candle is dangerous any time of year when there is a toddler in the home. You could use an electric base for the candle that allows the candle to “burn” and release the scent without using a flame. Just make sure to keep it out of reach (especially the cord). A better choice is to use a plug-in scented oil burner. Many manufacturers make them with various choices of holiday scents.

Garlands and lights

Toddlers want to explore everything and pretty lights and shiny garland will be a temptation. Do not use thumbtacks to hang your decorations in case they get pulled down and the tack gets loose. 3M makes wonderful products that will not ruin your walls and if they do come off (which they won’t) your toddler will not get hurt by them. Garlands can be a potential choking hazard or even strangulation hazard to a toddler who may be left alone in a room with it. Make sure to hang decorations out of their reach and never underestimate your toddler.

Child safe decorations

Avoid glass, excessive glitter and hanging temptations. The toddler years are full of adults saying “no” but to keep it safer, choose child-safe decorations for your home.

As your toddler learns what is okay to touch and what is not, you will have an easier time and avoid accidents by following these tips.

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