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How to Detangle Natural Hair for African American Children

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How to Detangle natural hair for African American Children.

Step 1. Wash hair with Olive Oil shampoo or any shampoo of your choice, scratch scalp with fingertips. Wash hair with Olive oil conditioner (if hair is normally dry use both rinse out conditioner and leave in conditioner , if it is not dry hair just only use leave in conditioner).

Step 2. Apply leave in conditioner and message it into the hair real good. A great one to use is Shea butter leave in conditioner and repair cream.

Step 3.Split hair into four sections and go section-by-section detangling hair, start combing at the end and work your way up to the scalp gently.

Step 4. After you detangle hair, you should be able to run your hand through the hair without your fingers getting stuck in it.

Step 5. Style with Shea butter hair dressing. It's better to style a child with natural that's thick while it's damp because it will be easier on the child and you.

Tips: Work leave in conditioner into hair real good so it will make the hair soft so it will be easier to comb. Be patient because most children move a lot and do not want to sit for long periods, so give them breaks.

Warnings: Be gentle because the scalp is sensitive.


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