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How to Lower Your DIRECTV Bill

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During these hard times a few extra bucks in your pocket, is better than in theirs.

1.   Review your bill, check to see if there are any channels that you don’t watch.  If there is call DIRECTV and have channels removed from your account.

2. Review your bill to see there is an extra receivers or TV’s that you are paying for and don’t use or could do without.

3. Contact DIRECTV and let them know you are unhappy with pricing and would like to see if they can reduce your bill.  Make sure they reduce bill not your service – you don’t want less you want to pay less money.

4. Contact DIRECTV to findout about bundling your services phone, TV, internet, etc.  DIRECTV has agreements with companies like Verizon to do that.

5. Contact DIRECTV about promotional channels.  These are channels like HBO, Showtime, etc.  that is given for a period of time for free. You shouldn’t have to pay for channels other people are getting for free.

6. Contact DIRECTV with a promotion from another television provider, and ask them to match or beat the other providers’ offer.

Be careful always ask if there are any fees associated with canceling of services or equipment.

Always ask if promotions need to be canceled by phone, and what is the expiration date of promotion.   Make sure to call to and cancel, and ask about other promotions.

You should do this twice a year to try to maintain a reasonable Directv bill.

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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
Very good points.
October 19, 2011
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