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How to Make Your Own Paper Ironman Helmet

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Written by C. L. Easey   

Marvel comic and movie characters are popular costumes for Halloween. One such character for you to be is Iron Man. However, the most important part of the costume is the helmet. To make your Iron Man helmet from paper you need a template. You can draw your own design or use a pre-made template that are available online. These templates will need to be cut and then pieced together.

Things You'll Need - Scissors, Masking tape, Hobby knife

Step 1

View the image for Template 1 on your computer screen and send the image to your printer. Repeat this step for Template 2 and Template 3.

Step 2

Cut the around the outline of the Template 1 with the scissors. Repeat this step to cut around the outline for Template 2 and Template 3.

Step 3

Place Template 2 face down on the table. Set Template 1 in place on the right and set Template 3 on the left.

Step 4

Place strips of masking tape at each seam to attach the pieces together. Turn the template so the front is facing up.

Step 5

Cut around the outline of the eyes with the hobby knife. Fold the top section of the template, above the cut out of the eyes.

Step 6

Fold the sides of Template 1 and Template 3 until they meet the top of Template 2. Secure these pieces together with the masking tape. Fold sections of the template to add contours to your Iron Man helmet, if necessary.


Template 1 - http://www.jkfc.eu/mm/ironman/helmet_template_part1.jpg

Template 2 - http://www.jkfc.eu/mm/ironman/helmet_template_part2.jpg

Template 3 - http://www.jkfc.eu/mm/ironman/helmet_template_part3.jpg

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