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How to Make Your Own Hooping Station

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Written by C. L. Easey   

A hooping station is a tool that is used to keep garments taught when working on sewing or quilting projects. You can make a hooping station in any shape or size that is required for your project. To do this you can construct a hooping board for a garment such as a t-shirt. A hooping board can be made to hoop an adult sized shirt and a youth or a child's sized shirt. You can make your own hooping board by using a piece of MDF that is cut to the correct dimensions.

Things You'll Need – T-shirt, Tape measure, Piece of 1/2-inch MDF, Pencil, Jigsaw, Sandpaper, Protractor, Power drill

Step 1

Place a t-shirt flat on a table and measure the width with the tape measure. Measure the height from the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt. Measure the width of the neck. Make a note of these measurements.

Step 2

Transfer these measurements to a piece of 1/2-inch MDF. Draw an outline that matches the dimensions of the width and height in step 1 with a pencil. Make a mark for the neck at the top of the outline.

Step 3

Cut out the board for your hooping station with a jigsaw. Cut around the outline and then round each of the corners at the top. Cut the center of the board to match the width of the neck. Sand all the cut edges of the board smooth with the sandpaper.

Step 4

Draw a 45 degree β€œV” shape on a scrap piece of MDF with sides that are 1 1/2 inches. Use a protractor to find the angle. Cut out this piece with the jigsaw. Repeat this step to cut a second β€œV” shape.

Step 5

Draw two parallel lines on the cut board in step 3 that are 4 inches from each side and an equal distance apart. Place a cut β€œV” shape of MDF on each line and make a mark for the screws.

Step 6

Drill two pilot holes into one side of each β€œV” shape piece using a power drill. Drill matching holes for the screws through the hooping board.

Step 7

Align the holes of the β€œV” shape pieces with the holes drilled into the hooping board. Secure the pieces with screws. Set the completed embroidery hoop on a table or desk.

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