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How to Do an Underwater Somersault

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Intro: Once you have basic swimming skills, it's time to start trying the fun stuff. Spinning, or doing a somersault underwater can be lots of fun.

Things you'll need: swim suit water goggles (optional) 

If you have trouble with water up your nose, read my article on stopping water going up your nose while swimming. There should be a link on this page.


Get in the water. The water should be deep enough that it at least comes up to your arm pits when you stand up.


Take a deep breath.


Bend your knees and bring them in to your chest. Roll yourself into a tight ball.


Hold your arms out straight over your head with your fingers together.


Rotate both arms as far as they will go with your palms facing out, and your thumbs on the same side of your head as your nose.


Move your arms at the same time to trace the largest possible circle. Your hands should go behind your back first.


To come up, straighten out your body and swim for the surface.

Tips & Warnings

This can be a little easier to do with a running start. Get a little speed up, and then curl into the ball.

Blow out slowly through your nose while you're under water.

Make sure you take a really big breath.

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