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How to Make a Fairy Tutu

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Written by pondripples   

These are instructions for making a fairy skirt. This will turn a leotard, or a simple dress into a fairy costume for dress up or halloween.

things you'll need:

Wide sheer ribbon
Fake flowers
Jingle bells or beads(optional)


Measure around the waist of the person the fairy skirt is for.

Cut elastic to the length around the waist.

Sew a length of ribbon about one and a half times longer than the waist measurement into a tube. Thread the elastic through this tube. This step is optional if you don't have sewing skills, but makes for a more finished looking fairy skirt.

Tie or sew the ends of the elastic together. Make sure the overlap makes the skirt snug enough that it won't slip off. If you used the tube, sew the ends of the tube together.

Cut the wide gossamer ribbon into lengths about twice as long as you want the skirt. Cut some lengths shorter . A fairy skirt looks good layered. You have a couple options for how to finish the ends of the ribbon. You can cut the ribbon into a point and run the cut synthetic ribbon near a candle flame to keep it from unraveling. You can also thread a jingle bell or bead onto the ribbon and tie a knot at the end to keep it from falling off.

Tie the ribbons from approximately the middle of the ribbon onto the waist band. A cow hitch is a good knot to use. It's actually better that you don't center the knots to make the fairy skirt more layered.

Attach a few fake flowers at the waist band. This step is optional, but adds a nice touch. If you don't have fake flowers, but you do have extra ribbon, look up instructions on this site for making a ribbon rose.

Tips & Warnings

If you don't have elastic, you can also use a ribbon as the waist band and tie the skirt on.

Ribbon can be expensive. If you're not finding good ribbon, you can cut inexpensive tulle fabric, or plastic into ribbons.

Don't make this for children under 4. Ribbons and bells are a choking hazard.

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