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How to Cut Water Weight for MMA

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To cut weight for a MMA fight  the key is to take in atleast two gallons a day 4 weeks out from the fight (which sounds very difficult). As you become one week away from the fight, cut your intake to about 20 oz per day. Your body will still filter out water as if it is taking in two gallons per day and you will lose all your water weight easily and easily make weight and you will not feel dehydrated all training camp and will able to train hard leading up to your fight.

Also one month out you should start limiting salt intake because this will cause you to start retaining water and will make things more difficult as you get closer and closer to fight time.

If you are cutting a significant amount of weight by limiting calorie intake as well to lose fat, you want to make sure that atleast 75% of your calories are coming from protein so you limit the amount of muscle you are losing. By making a huge reduction in calories, be aware you are also going to lose some muscle, but a high protein diet will ensure you lost mostly fat and not muscle.

Make sure you are giving yourself enough time to cut weight. You should never fall to below 500 calories per day. 500 calories a day should be when you are in the most strict phase of weight cutting. This amount of calories will still give you adequate energy to work out, without making you feel drained. Weight cutting should not become the focus of your training camp, and should only factor in about a week or so out, when you have stopped sparring and are not practicing hard anymore.

At that point is when your workouts should be tailored towards cutting weight. If you are too concerned with your weight, or are taking in too few calories, it will affect your preparation for the fight, and any advantage you gained cutting weight will have been lost.

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