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How to Determine the Age of Your Parakeet

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Parakeets of all ages make great pets but some owners want to know the bird’s age before purchasing it. Knowing your parakeet’s age may make choosing your bird much easier. Younger birds tend to be easier to tame. However, if gender is important to you, you may want to look for a bird that has reached maturity as the sex of the parakeet is easier to determine at that time.

Step 1

Ask the breeder or the pet shop owner. Reputable breeders keep detailed records about their parakeets, so ask and know exactly how old your bird is. Pet shops can give you a general idea about the age of the parakeet, so feel free to ask.

Step 2

Check the parakeet’s head. Parakeets less than four months old will have stripes going all the way down their forehead. If the stripes are missing, your bird is more than four months old.

Step 3

Look into your parakeet’s eyes. An all-black eye means that your parakeet is less than four months old. If you see an iris, your parakeet has reached maturity.

Step 4

Examine your parakeet’s leg. If you find a band there, your parakeet’s age may be on it. Check the Parrot Leg Band Registry to decode the information on your parakeet’s band.


Once a parakeet has reached maturity at about four months old, the only person who can make a guess at the bird’s age is a veterinarian. The vet may be able to tell if you have an adult or an elderly parakeet.

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