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How to Use Water Beads

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Written by Precy Anza   

Water beads are these round, soft and squishy different colored balls no more than the size of a marble. For a cheap price, water beads can be great for occasions and decorations. They are ideal to add color inside the home and can be eye catching when use as decorations on all kinds of celebrations and parties.

I got my 20 water bead bags on Ebay for less than $1. I won it on an auction actually. I had waited for about 2 weeks as it came from Hong Kong but for the price, I don't mind the long wait. Anyway, here's ideas and tips on different uses and how to use water beads.

1. First, soak the water beads into water. It would take hours for the beads to sip water to grow on its full size.It will take about 2 to 3 hours or more. Add more water if needed. If water beads had grown on its full potential, drain excess water. You can now use your water beads.

water beads

2.  Water beads for candles. You can use this water beads to put on the candles. Burning candles on the water beads can be extra safe as the beads hold water, and at the same time can serve as a nice decoration as well.

water beads

3. For indoor plants. Water beads can be great substitute of soil for indoor plants. It is not gonna be messy and no watering needed, just the beads.

water beads

4. For weddings and other occasions. Water beads can be elegant when it comes to special occasions. Some designing ideas and it can create many awes from guests.

water beads

5. Fun for kids. You could also spend time with kids making animal faces with different colored water beads. You may need a bigger vase with this one to have room putting eyes and mouth figures. Try using brighter colored beads for eyes and mouth as it can be more noticeable. Hope you can see the two eyes I made at the water beads below.

water beads

6. Relaxation. As the weather warms more, you can use newly soak water beads for pampering yourself. Soak your hands or feet on the water beads to cool you down. Just don't step on the beads though as they are really soft and squishy.

water beads

Tips: Re-soak the beads if you notice they are decreasing in size. Water beads decrease in size in about a week and usually these are the beads on the opening of the vase so you can just soak those instead of soaking all of it. Drain the water afterwards.

Image credits: magictreetings.com, myweddingfavors.com, weddingflowersandreceptionideas.com and alibaba.com

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