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How to Know if You Have Burnout and Stress

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Written by Isaac&Carmen Gutierrez   

stressed out Unhappiness and detachment “burnout” causes can threaten your job, your relationships, and your health. But burnout can be healed. You need to recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout in its early stages; simple stress management strategies may be enough to solve the problem.

If treated late burnout, recovery may take more time and effort, but you can still recuperate your balance by re-examining your main concern, making time for yourself, and seeking support.  Here is some question that you can ask yourself answer yes or no, considering how you feel today only:

Do you feel as worn down as 100,000 mile tire? When you think about your boss, kids, pets, or anyone else in life making demands, do you feel primarily anger? Do you feel overwhelmed or besiege by work load?

Do you explore easily –even at insignificant issues? Do you suffer from headaches, gastrointestinal distress, or insomnia? Are you considered to be like Evel Knieval, taking unnecessary risks?  Are you stressed out by money issues more than once a month?

Ideally, you should answer to “No” to all this questions. If answered “Yes” to any of this question it is a sign of burnout and stress. The more yes answers you have, the faster you’re on your way to a total melt down!

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jswana said:

I have had that. Don't have it since retirement. I do as I please most of the time but I really remember feeling so tired and burn-out working and making sure my son was fine. It worked out beautifully! Thanks for sharing.
July 26, 2011
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