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How to Prevent Nosebleed

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The nose is a part of the body that is loaded with blood vessels and in a very vulnerable position on our face. Nosebleeds can occur suddenly when the nasal membranes dry out and crack. This is common when living in dry climates, or during the winter months when the air is dry and warm from household heaters. People are more vulnerable to a bloody nose if they use blood thinning medication, as Aspirin. Also blowing your nose vigorously, when having a sinus infection can produce a nosebleed. So the question remains; how can I prevent a nosebleed and how can I stop it when it happens?

Traditionally to stop a nose bleed you would press on the side of your nose. But sometimes a stubborn nosebleed does not stop with a traditional method. This is great way to stop your nosebleed by acupressure. Press an index finger to the vein running under the gums between your two front teeth, while pinching your nostrils together. These will reduce the blood flowing to your head. If you are prone to nosebleeds, bioflavonoid, including rutin and quercetin with vitamin C improve absorption. Prevent dehydration of your nose by taking one tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily with plenty of water.

Here is the first aid way to stop a nosebleed!

 If your nose bleeds, Sit down and lean forward  Using your thumb & index finger, squeeze soft part of nose  This part is between end of nose and the bridge of nose  Continue holding till bleeding stops- Do not stop in-between If bleeding continues, hold for another 10 minutes  If the patient is a child, divert attention by TV/Stories Avoid picking, blowing or rubbing nose for 2 days Place an ice pack on the bridge of nose

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