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How to Find Graphic Design Jobs and Beat the Competition

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Written by J. L.   

If you’re you a designer who is looking for graphic design jobs, you will find that graphic designers are in very high demand these days.  Top companies are searching for creative directors, art directors and other types of top designers all the time.  Practically every organization in existence utilizes certain types of graphic design in one way or another. There are many jobs in graphic design, but at the same time there is a lot of competition.

The set of tips below will assist you in your search for a graphic design job and help you cut through the competition.

Step 1: Build an impressive online portfolio. Gone are the days of carrying around a hard copy of your portfolio and sending copies to prospective employers via snail mail. So, build an online portfolio that showcases your skills and highlights the broad array of work you have done. Such a portfolio, when sent alone with an attractive resume, can impress people easily.

Step 2: Put together a website. Create a website to show your skills as a designer to the world. Every day, a large number of people with a variety of small business ideas are looking to build their own website and start a home based business.

Step 3:  Advertise your services as a freelance designer on your website. Search for people who are looking for professional graphic designers.  People usually search for freelance designers who are affordable and reliable. If you are passionate about freelancing, add this to your work at home plans. Set your own reasonable price for your customers.  You could soon become a successful full time graphic designer working out of your home.

Step 4: View Job listing sites. Browse through these sites and pick the offers that interest you, and apply for them. There are a large number of specialized job boards that carry listings of the latest opportunities for graphic designers to find. Create your own profile in job boards and classified sites to make it easier for prospective employers to contact you.

Step 5: Develop contacts online and offline. Start a blog, follow other blogs, leave comments, post your profile on social networking sites, post your resume on job listing sites, and start using Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to develop contacts online.

Step 6: Make cold calls. Local businesses usually need graphic designers for logo creation, letterhead creation, website design, and various other purposes. Call them, tell them about your services, and send a few samples. Keep in touch with them regularly to know if there are any openings.

Step 7: Approach professional organizations like the Professional Association for Design, attend networking events meant for senior and professional graphic designers, and attend various business functions to develop contacts offline.  Whenever you meet new people, make sure you give your business card.

Today people have a new outlook on graphic design and graphic design jobs. Building company logos, websites, and advertising campaigns are just a few of the tasks that await graphic designers these days.  Whether your desire is to become a freelancer at home, senior designer or creative director, using these techniques along with your qualifications could bring you big opportunities in the graphic design industry.


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