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How to Make Indian Curry Pizza
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Written by Erica Stanton   


Intro: Curry pizza is one of those things that had to happen eventually. In fact is appears to have been invented multiple times in restaurants in London, L.A. San Francisco, and in more than a few home kitchens. It's an obvious fusion food. After all, pizza crust is basically the same thing as naan bread and a good pasta sauce has a lot in common with a south Asian curry.

things you'll need:

pizza dough recipe

curry recipe

cheese (optional)

Baking pan, or pizza stone




The crust.
For the crust use any pizza dough recipe, or naan recipe. Both will work.

If you don't have time, go to a Trader Joes and get the pre made pizza dough in the refrigerator section. It won't be quite as good, but it'll work.


The Curry.
Pick a curry with a sauce like consistency. For a first attempt I'd recommend tikka, or mashed eggplant, or saag with tomato and onion in it. Make the sauce on the stove first and cook it down until it has the thickness of pasta sauce. This is a great way to use leftovers. Have curry with rice one night, then curry pizza the next.

If you're feeling lazy, you can find pre-made curry sauce in the supermarket now. Be careful though. Quality varies a lot. Taste it before you use it on a pizza. A bad sauce could turn you against the whole concept.


To cheese or not to cheese.
Keep in mind your audience. If you're dealing with picky eaters combining mozzarella with curry may throw them. Pizza doesn't have to have cheese, and the cheese doesn't have to be mozzarella. For a curry pizza I'd recommend stirring a little cream or yogurt into the sauce, or sprinkling a little mild goat cheese on top to get that richness. If you're more adventurous, by all means explore the exotic cheeses. I'm sure there are some great combos out there just waiting to be discovered.


Just about anything that works on a standard pizza will work. If you want to use chicken or lamb, pre-cook them in the sauce before putting it on the pizza dough.


Bake as for a standard pizza and enjoy.

Resources Zante's Pizza - San Francisco- California Pizza And Curry - Fremont - California


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