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How to kill roaches

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Written by Melinda Billingsley   

How to kill roaches.  That is like one of the hardest problem people have is killing roaches.  Well i have found something that really helps.  It will definitely do the job.  I have roaches when i tried ortho fire ant killer i was shocked to believe that it would being that is not what it was for.  Well I tried it.   I put it in all the spots of my house where i seen roaches, cracks where i thought they might be, under places they like to hide, any where possible i could think.  They with in a few hours started going crazy and dropping everywhere.  Well i figured i would leave it down over night the next morning it was still doing the job.  I swept the dead ones up that morning and by that evening i was sweeping up more.  Guess what by that night i was sweeping up more.  You know what was really crazy is by the next two days after it was still doing the job.  So i can honestly so roaches do like the stuff but what they dont know is it will kill them.  Now in order for this to actually work you have to have sugar and the right ortho ant killer.  There are several kinds the one you will be looking for in a black container, white powder.  This is not in a bag and are not granules which is the other kind.  The smell is kind of strong so becareful when you first open it.  You will have to open it in order to add the key ingredient which is one half cup of sugar.  Then you will close it back up and shake it up to mix it together.  You lightly spread it enough for the roaches to notice it.  That is all you do it will take care of your roach problem.   All you have to do is sweep and clean afterwards.  Now do know that it will not kill all your roaches in the first time you will have to do it a few more times.  Dont wait long though try doing it like once a week.  You should be happy after a month of using this.  You can also make it more effective by going around the outside of your house which is where your bug problem is coming from.  Make sure you change your animals food, water, and dont let your kids and animals eat off the floor.  This is harmful so do not eat it or let it get on your food.  It will be a good idea so that small animals are not in the house.  Take the kids to a park or something and the smell will not bother your family.  But the roaches will have a ball.  Well good luck and enjoy.   This item can be found at walmart in the gardening, in HEB, Brookshires,  and so it is not hard to get.

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