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How to Make Healthy and Refreshing Tejuino

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Written by Isaac&Carmen Gutierrez   

Well summer is around the corner and people start to think about refreshing lemonade, Kool-Aid, Gatorade, any fruit juice like running to Jamba Juice and get a smoothie. But most people would never know about a very healthy and refreshing drink called “Tejuino”. If you are from Mexico you would know what I am talking about or if you been in Mexico you would know also. This refreshing drink is mostly sold in the state of Jalisco, especially in Puerto Vallarta that is located in the state of Jalisco.

Since ancient times, cooling Tejuino has refreshed Mexico. Jalisco, Nayarit and Sinaloa dispute over the origin of the thick, tasty corn-based beverage; others say it comes from the Tarahumara in Chihuahua, who drank it instead of beer. The place of origin may have come from the Nahua people who lived in the central part of Mexico. That's why the word "Tejuino" comes almost certainly from the Nahuatl language.

It's made from the same corn masa (dough) that's used for tortillas and tamales. The prepared masa is mixed with water and piloncillo (cone-shaped Mexican brown sugar) and boiled until the liquid is quite thick.

Some don’t let it be fermented and it still tastes so refreshing. It's mixed as needed with freshly squeezed jugo de limón (key lime juice), a pinch of salt, water, ice, or a big scoop of lemon sherbet. It's sold in plastic glasses—small, medium, and large—or in a plastic bag with the top knotted around a drinking straw. You can see vendors selling and yelling “Tejuino” on street corners in Mexico and customers pile up to buy this refreshing drink.

The health benefits of Tejuino say its better than coffee (café), and many drink it every day, many for breakfast on their way to work, for all-around good health. It’s also good for pregnant women or nursing mothers, assisting with milk production. Here is the recipe on how to make Tejuino:

Dilute a kilo of corn meal in water so as to obtain a oatmeal-like consistency Add 3 / 4 of a kilo of brown sugar or piloncillo Allow 4 days to ferment in warm weather or 7 days in cold weather Add sea salt, lemon juice, ice and chili to taste when serving (Optional  scoop of lemon sherbet )

The answer in prepare this refreshing beverage is emptying it from a high level and back from a high level several times to oxygenate it. The end result: one of the planet's best replenishing, thirst quencher drinks that you have ever had in your entire life.

Photo by madreselva mexic-ana