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How to Reset the Change Your Oil Light on a Dodge

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Written by Daniel Hart   

With today's cars and all the high tech stuff they put on our cars. it's a wonder what to do when we start seeing all these codes light up like a Christmas trees. Most cars usually tell us how to do this in our manuals,but who has time to read though a 400 page manual. So let's get started.

Your manual will have some info on this.

Step 1

With the car off and in park turn the key on , You will see all the lights on the dash come on. but don't start the car.

Step 2

Press the accelerator 3 times with in 10 seconds with the key on.

Step 3

Turn the key back off then start your car. You may need to do this a couple of times if you are new to this. Because

something 10 second goes very fast and  It's hard to look at our watch and move our foot at the same time.(lol)

Step 4

Went the car goes though the check engine progress which takes about 7 seconds on musts cars. You should not see that codes again until the computer see the you have gone another 3000 miles. Depending on what kind of oil you are using does not matter in your car or truck. Since your car does not know what kind oil it uses.

In closing

Some motor oils that we use will go more than 3000 miles. Check your manual on what kind of oil you car or truck uses. So we don't have to change the motor oil every time the change the oil light comes on. Buy doing this you don,t have to take it to the dealer or the mechanic every time the light comes on. So let know if this is helpful as I will be writing more articles on this soon. He a way to help in paying for your car expensive repairs.

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