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How to Deal a Hangover

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hangover part two Hangovers are symptoms usually begin about 8 to 16 hours after drinking and can last many hours. Some of the physical symptoms that come with a hangover is fatigue, headaches, thirst, dizziness, stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, high or low blood pressure, sensitivity to light, and shaky hands. Others experience Psychological symptoms in form of anxiety, depression, remorse, or difficulty concentrating. Here are some great ways to rid of a hangover.

Best way rid of a hangover is don’t drink abusively in large amounts. Drink responsibly to avoid hangovers. Now if you over due your drinking please read on. Get pain relieve of a headache with a aspirin, that is your best friend for a head ach.

After finish drinking replace your fluids with water before you go to bed and after. Alcohol metabolism depletes blood sugar. A well balance meal will boost levels back to normal. Eggs provides protein. Toast furnishes fast fuel and soothes your stomach.

Banana replenishes potassium for muscle function. Sometimes water is not enough, so go with sports drink like Gatorade. Drinking drains your body of vitamins, so take B-complex vitamins Eat amino acid. You can find amino acid in health food stores.

Drink a large glass of tomato and orange juice to remove alcohol from your system. Crackers and honey to flush out alcohol from system.

Drink a cup of broth to replace the salt in your body.

Don’t drink so much coffee it may dehydrate you more or stressed out your nervous system more.

Let time heal a hangover.

Most hangovers pass in 24 hours.

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